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Reclamation Services

Sustainably Retiring Your Aircraft

Ascent Aviation Services offers comprehensive disassembly, reclamation and end-of-life services, so you are covered when your aircraft has taken its last flight.

From basic component removal to complete teardown and disposal of the airframe, our services cover both wide and narrow body aircraft. As an ASA-100 certified parts supplier, we have the capability to remove, pack, crate and ship aircraft parts and engines under a strictly controlled reclamation process.

Ascent Aviation Services is AFRA accredited.

Reclamation and End of Life services

  • Controlled parts removal
  • Parts recording and tagging
  • Part 145 Repair Station service
  • Parts repair and overhaul
  • Parts certification
  • AOG / Rapid Response parts removal and shipping
  • Disassembly and teardown
  • Inventorying, accounting and tagging of all removed parts
  • Listing of parts on ILS and other industry inventory control sites for resale
  • Packing, crating and shipping
  • Component storage and preservation
  • Hazmat disposal
  • Hull disposal

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